T he wine is a balanced synthesis, to which geomorphological, bioclimatic, knowledge and human action contribute.

Our vineyards, all exposed between south and southeast, in a sudden succession of sinkholes and hills highlight: a soil that is characterized by scarcity or absence of superficial stones, very deep, well drained, moderately alkaline and calcareous-clayey in depth and a moderately darkened surface horizon due to the presence of pyroclastic material. The average altitude is 160 m/sl, with slopes ranging from 10 to 25% while the solar radiation has values between 900 - 1000 kwh / m2, the topographical humidity index is included between 8 - 9 TWI and the bioclimatic index which is the relationship between temperature, lighting and precipitation, identifies a value between 2250 and 2300 degrees per day.

All this, thanks also to the wise and ethical human intervention, allows us to obtain particularly healthy grapes that simultaneously reach the three types of ripening: technological (ratio between acids and sugars naturally synthesized in the fruit), phenolic (concentration of tannins and anthocyanins with a strong solubility) and aromatic, elements that allow us to obtain wines of identity and of high quality value.