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“It is through the culture of wine, of the products and their ideal pairings that we can feel fully sated”

(Mariano Assini)

As our Greek and Roman ancestors handed down to us, the love of wine finds its other half in good food.

A good Aglianico couldn’t express itself fully without a piece of cheese, a slice of salami or prosciutto.

A Falanghina would not totally open its bouquet without a second course of fish or a delicate white meat plate.

Even a sparkling wine or a passito would be hindered without a canapé or dessert beside it.

Our ristowine

The catering proposed by Ca’ Stelle responds to this need, through the perfect pairings of what we eat, what we drink, and vice versa. A dance of tastes in which it is not always one partner who guides the other but rather what happens when they alternate in a continuous exchange of roles.

The tasting experience can begin with a choice from the menu which is then paired with the most suitable wine, but it also possible to take the opposite path, choosing first from the wine list to then be advised of the most suitable dishes to discover what you are about to drink.

The choice of catering based predominantly on fish is probably connected with the perennial search for something capable of identifying what unites the two brothers, Mariano and Raffaele Assini: in a territory where Ca’ Stelle’s cuisine represents an enterprise that is more unique than rare in terms of being “from the sea”, the two owners felt the need to go further by proposing an alternative that unites traditional flavors with those less usual.

I nostri piatti

Earth and sea meet in the dishes of Ca’ Stelle’s restaurant, like how the most modern recipes blend perfectly with hand-made pastas. Characteristic, just-picked “Vernetico” tomatoes are married with the fish of the day which is carefully selected and provided by trusted fisherman or from the fish market of nearby Mugnano, while cheeses, cured meats and oils are of our own production.

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