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SIRYO Spumante di Falanghina

Our brightest star, the “Spumante” sparkling wine of great events. Subtle perlage, with a rich and persistent aroma, is an inebriant and balanced sparkling wine with fruity and floral notes. Excellent as an aperitif and to accompany a lunch based on fish or white meats, served at 6/8 °.

KYDONIA Falanghina Tardiva

Dedicated to our Greek origins, the muse city of Ca'Stelle wines. The unmistakable golden yellow colored star, with a fruit scent, it is a balanced wine with a good persistence in taste and smell. It combines well with main courses in white sauce and white meats, served at 12 °.

PROPYLEO Aglianico Riserva D.O.P.

Dedicated to our Greek origins, it is the gateway to Ca'Stelle wines. Ruby red in color, with an intense and complex aroma, it is a wine with a great personality. It combines perfectly with red meats, served at 18 °.

OMYGA Passito di Falanghina

Our most intense star. A passito wine of great flavor, golden yellow color with warm nuances, hints of jam, honey and candied fruit. Excellent with fruit tarts, nougat mousse, aged and spicy cheeses, served at 12 °.

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"Have you ever spent time looking at the stars?"

Who we are

Allowing yourself the luxury of getting lost in the night sky is a special gift. A magical moment to share with an important person, a true declaration of love for nature, for yourself, for those you love. Let's learn to listen to the emotions we feel in looking at a starry sky, let's take some time to do it with friends, with loved ones, to find the meaning and the path, indicated by the stars. Ca’ Stelle was born from a dream told to the stars, a dream that later became reality thanks to the action of men who believed in it.